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Mid to Late September 2014

OntarioSalmon are still spread out and are being taken in 80 to 200 feet of water. A good starting point continues to be in the 80 to 100 foot depths around river mouths. Flasher and flies, spoons, j-plugs and cut-bait are all working; with green and white being good colors. Things can change quickly this time of year when fish decide to head to the tributaries, so cover water looking for fish or bait if not marking fish.

Oswego River  - The river has been fluctuating over the last few days but is flowing at approximately 1,350 cubic feet per second (cfs) as of 9/18. There are some salmon coming into the river. Try egg sacs, egg imitating plastics and flies.
Remember, the bridge to Leto Island is closed, and there are mandatory personal flotation device (PFD) zones on the river. Visit Oswego County Tourism web site for more information.

Salmon River  - The current flow is 350cfs. There are reports of good numbers of salmon being spotted in the estuary but so far no big runs have made it into the river. There are a few fish moving into the river each day though and there are some fish being taken as far up as the Lower Fly. As mentioned above things can change quickly this time of year and this early season salmon fishing is really hit-or-miss. So, If not seeing fish cover water looking for them. Just a reminder that the Lower Fly Section opened on September 15th.

Oneida Lake  - We continue to be stuck in the same general pattern, with walleye being taken in 30 to 40 feet of water with stickbaits, blade baits, buck tail jigs tipped with night crawlers and worm harnesses all working. With the cooler temperatures it shouldn't be long before the shore walleye bite starts to pick-up. Casting stickbaits from shore just before and after dark can often be very good in the fall on this lake. Bass fishing has been hot-or-cold depending on the day and they are being taken both shallow and deep. Keep an eye out for birds diving; when bass are feeding on young of the year (YOY) gizzard shad or yellow perch they often drive them to the surface. Terns and gulls take advantage of this and can be seen from a long ways off as the dive to catch the shad or perch. Also keep an eye out for individual fish breaking, this is harder to see then the birds though. Bass usually don't stay up long during this, so you need to get to the area quickly. Casting topwaters, lipless crankbaits, chatterbaits, swimbaits or stickbaits into these feeding fish can produce some exciting action when this is taking place. YOY gizzard shad are running small this year so it may pay to down size your baits. Yellow perch action is starting to pick up on the lake as well.

Otisco Lake  - Look for walleye and smallmouth bass in 15 to 25 foot of water. A few tiger musky are hitting on spinnerbaits on the north end of the lake. Like mentioned for Oneida, these cooler temperatures may help start the nighttime shore walleye bite here as well.

Whitney Point Reservoir  - Smallmouth bass fishing has been good along shore with stick worms, crankbaits, jigs and crayfish all working. Some nice white crappie have also been caught recently.

Owasco Lake  - Trolling spoons or flasher and flies 50 to 70 feet down over 100 to 160 foot of water is still working for lake trout and the occasional rainbow trout. Both the north and south ends have been producing fish. Smallmouth bass and rock bass are still being taken on drop-shot rigs and tube baits in 10 to 30 foot of water.

Chenango, Tioughnioga and Susquehanna Rivers  - Some walleye are being taken on brown colored jigs fished near bottom and also on stickbaits.

Skaneateles Lake  - Smallmouth bass fishing continues to be good with fish being found shallower then they have been, with 10 to 20 foot being a good depth range to try. Good baits are drop-shot rigs and tube jigs. Rock bass are also hitting well for anglers targetting smallmouths. Yellow perch are being found in 25 foot of water with small minnows working. Have not heard any reports on the trout fishing lately. If anyone would like to contribute please use the fwfish7 link below.

Cayuga Lake  - Lake trout are still being taken by anglers jigging in 60 to 100 foot of water. Trolling is also producing lake trout with flasher and flies and spoons working well. Trolling 70 to 100 feet down over 120 to 180 foot of water has been a good starting point. Keep an eye out for weed mats, as they are still creating head-aches for anglers trolling. Largemouth bass are being found around the lake along outside weed edges, with bass jigs or plastics working well.

Sandy Pond  - Fishing has slowed on the pond as vegetation has made fishing more difficult.

Seneca Lake - Lake trout are being taken 50 to 85 feet down over 100 to 200 foot of water. Flasher and flies in green or white continue to work well. Vertical jigging is also producing lake trout in 85 to 120 feet of water.

Canandaigua Lake - Trolling spoons 45 to 60 feet down is producing some lake trout and an occasional rainbow trout. Fleas are still making trolling difficult on this lake.

Keuka Lake - Jigging continues to improve and lake trout are being found in 55 to 115 foot of water with booth the Bluff area and the Branchport arm producing fish.

Sodus and Irondequoit Bays - Bass are still biting well for anglers fishing along the weed edges and shore line. Stick worms (Senko's, Stik-o's, etc.) have been working really well as have bass jigs. No word on the perch fishing yet.

Wayne County Fishing Report

Wayne County Fishing Report - compliments of Chris Kenyon at Wayne County Tourism (http://www.waynecountytourism.com/index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&id=143:wayne-county-fishing-update

Weather Forecasts

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  Canandaigua Lake Temperature - N/A || Keuka Lake Temperature - 76

Seneca Lake Temperature - 67 || Cayuga Lake Temperature - 64

 Lake Ontario Temperature - 63

All temperatures are recorded at a depth of 10 feet below the surface as of September 19, 2014

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