Our Hills are Alive with the Sound of Murder

Bellangelo- 150 Poplar Rd. Dundee, NY

High on a hill died a lonely goatherd  and some people around the Abbey are beginning to get the idea that sweet little Maria just might be a budding serial killer. Is she really sixteen, going on seventeen? What exactly are her favorite things? Mother Abbess and her new assistant, Sister Adolph, are calling in all nuns and townsfolk to decide what to do. Even the pompous Captain Von Trumpp and his bratty children will be there. Don't be late!

$25 for a three-course dinner and entertainment. Tax and tip included!

Seating is limited and MUST be pre-ordered by October 31st!

Reserve your spot to discover what happened in our hills during this hilarious murder mystery by calling 607-678-4142 before October 31st!

November 5 2016

6:00 PM - 1:00 PM