Walkathon on the Keuka Outlet Trail

Foot Bridge at the Penn Yan, Keuka Street Boat Launch Park

Saturday, September 16, 2017 for a fun walkathon on the Keuka Outlet Trail? Bring your family and friends to raise funds and awareness about everyone's need for clean water. We're planning fun activities for all ages.

The walkathon is not a race, walk at your own pace and as far as you like. Enjoy nature, explore the history of a bygone era of water powered industry along the trail. If you chose to walk from Keuka lake to  Seneca lake, the trail is 7 miles long  or walk 5 miles to Cascade ( Ridge Rd ) or 3 miles to Seneca Mills.

 The Friends Of The Outlet volunteers work hard to protect and improve the Outlet Preservation Area which surrounds most of the Keuka Outlet, an important waterway between Keuka and Seneca Lakes. 

Check-in starts at 9am near the foot bridge at the Penn Yan, Keuka Street boat launch park.

September 16 2017

9:00 AM - 9:00 AM