Knapp Celebrates 35 Years of Winemaking

Knapp Winery, 2770 Ernsberger Rd in Romulus, NY.

          with the first Rock, Paper, Scissor Tournament at 1:00pm,
          (and every hour on the hour until 5:00pm), guests will be able
          to enjoy a
          leisurely tour of the estate and wine tasting outside near the
          vineyards. Giant
          Jenga, giant chess, dominoes and dice, will be set and ready
          for play
          throughout the day.


One of the highlights of the day, and never
          held at a winery
          before, is the Silent Disco/Party Headphones event set in the
          Knapp tank room.  The concept is that everyone
          puts on
          headphones where individuals select one of three channels to
          dance to.  Everyone
            will be equipped with headphones, from
            which they’ll be able to select one of three channels to
            dance to, each featuring a
            different type of music.
          one outside of those using the headphones hears the music,
          just the feet
          tapping on the floor.


At 1:00pm, a special vineyard tour will be
          guided by our
          vineyard manager, Chris King.  Overlooking the vineyards with
          an amazing view of Cayuga Lake, sparkling
          wine and oysters will be served out in the vineyards after a
          brief talk about Knapp Estate. This is free to Knappster club
          members and $10.00
          a person for non-members.  Please call
          for reservation (Limited to 20 people) 607.930.3495


At 2:00pm, owner Gene Pierce, will give
          demonstrations on
          sabering sparkling wine.  This event,
          held outside in a tent, will also serve as a “Bubbly Spot”,
          serving sparkling
          wine from around the lake for a nominal fee, demonstration is
          free.  A selection of Knapp products for tasting
          will also be available in the “Bubbly Spot”.


Every half hour on the half hour beginning
          at 1:30pm,
          Knapp’s “Best Tour Guide” will be conducting tours of the
          winery and the
          winemaking process.



Gourmet or regular hot dogs and sausage
          will be available
          outside, including cotton candy and apple pie in a cup for
          those with a sweet
          tooth.  People can still have a leisurely
          lunch in the Knapp Vineyard Restaurant.

Knapp Winery is located at 2770 Ernsberger
          Rd in Romulus, NY.



The event will be held from 12pm to 5pm. 
          Wine and food sold separately.  For
          questions or more information, please
          call 607.930.3495.


Located on Cayuga
            Lake, Knapp is a charming boutique winery with 60 acres of
            some of the oldest
            vineyards in the Finger Lakes Region producing grapes for a
            variety of Knapp
            wines since 1984. The property includes gourmet Knapp
            Vineyard Restaurant
            nestled among gardens and vineyards.

July 29 2017

12:00 PM - 5:00 PM