Intro to DIY with Essential Oils

Yates County Chamber of Commerce

We’ll be using high quality ingredients and products to make and learn about three items you can use everyday to enhance your life and protect your health: lip balm, lotion, and spritzer! 

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Everyone knows that how you live impacts how you look and feel.

Everyone wants to protect their families from illness, toxins, and stress.

Most people can be doing a lot more easy, straightforward, and inexpensive things in daily life to achieve those desires.

What’s the secret?!?!

You just have to know WHAT to do, have the TOOLS to do it, and make it SIMPLE so it fits in everyday life! 

Join Lisa Beach, Ph.D., and Sara DeFilipps, M.S., this summer for one or all of the Summer Wellness Series Classes. We’ll cover everything from energy, sleep, and stress, to mindfulness, recipes, and the products you use! 

The end result? YOU hop out of bed each morning and ninja kick your To Do List with a grin. You feel better inside and out, and you adopt simple, affordable habits that nourish and protect your entire family. 

What’s in the toolkit?
Lifestyle information based on science and experience
Essential Oils
DIY projects you can take home
Mind-Body skills
Behavior change techniques

The cost to attend is $10, and if you bring a friend, you get a gift! 

Lisa Beach, Ph.D. Aromatherapist (YL Member #1772376)
Sara DeFilipps, M.S. (YL Member #3392247)

July 26 2017

7:00 PM - 7:00 PM