Yates Community Center

Project Description

THE COMMUNITY CENTER PROJECT – “It Takes a Community to Build a Center”

This plan provides a framework for providing new cultural, recreational and educational opportunities for Yates County residents. Implementation of this plan can result in benefits to persons of all ages and help address identified community needs.


The mission of Yates Cultural & Recreational Resources, Inc., a not-for-profit community organization, is to enhance the physical and mental well being of Yates County residents by promoting and providing cultural, recreational, athletic, and educational opportunities.

By cooperating with other community and governmental organizations, we will assure implementation and success of a Yates Community Center.

Program Goals

The major focus of YCRR, Inc. is the creation of a Community Center that will provide programs and services for all Yates County residents, their guests, and visitors.

467 North Main Street, Penn Yan, NY 14527